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End of Year Service

This Thursday, Dec. 31, please join us at the Round Rock SDA Church for an end-of-year service. We will celebrate God’s blessings through the past year and look forward to the next. Please consider what Bible text has helped you most this year, and what Scripture you anticipate being a blessing in the coming year. The service will begin at 5:00 pm on Thursday, Dec. 31. We hope to see you there!

God bless, and thank you for a wonderful year!

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Christmas Play

Last week, all of the students at Applegate, under the guidance of Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Frederick, performed The First Christmas during the divine hour service. This is the third year the school has performed at Christmastime, and each time Mrs. Frederick was responsible for writing and directing the play herself. This year, with more students, she was able to add elements to the play previously unavailable. The larger cast (22 kids!) allowed for an entire angel choir, as well as a group of prophets, quoting scripture prophecies (go figure!) We were also blessed with Mrs. Frederick’s oldest daughter Adahra’s narrating to supplement the action on-stage. The play went wonderfully, with every child showing a clear commitment to memorizing lines and learning songs. We look forward to many more performances by the school. Congratulations to Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Frederick for a fantastic production with their students!

Here’s 12 of the 22 amazing kids currently attending Applegate Adventist Academy!

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The Ripple Effect

Why the ripple effect? Because it is my belief that everything we do affects the trajectory of our lives (for the good or for the bad).  It is also my belief that the decisions we make as parents small or great will profoundly effect the life of our children as they grow and become adults.

It is my firm belief that I as a parent must “train up [my] child in the way he [or she] should go.”  This is a command from God.  The majority of a child’s training comes from the school environment.  Because of this fact it is quite obvious to me that I need to ensure that the school environment is one which promotes not only good behavior and decent living but one which goes further and explicitly teaches Christ-centered principles and Godly living.

In my opinion everyday my children spend at the christian school is a pebble being drop in the pond of their lives which will influence them now and for eternity.

I can give my children no greater advantage today than to expose them to Jesus, His life, and His longing for them to have an active relationship with him.  This is what I believe christian education gives them.

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